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            由中國輕工工藝品進出口商會(簡稱輕工商會)、中國對外貿易廣州展覽總公司(簡稱中貿展)和廣東潮域展覽有限公司(簡稱潮域展覽)聯合主辦的廣州國際孕嬰童產品博覽會(中文簡稱廣州童博會,英文簡稱IBTE( Guangzhou))定于2021年4月6日至8日在廣州·中國進出口商品交易會展館(簡稱廣交會展館)舉行。首屆展會預計超過1000家企業,1500個品牌參展,展覽面積預計達到60000平方米。








        Why You Should Exhibit at IBTE Guangzhou



        • Top Baby Products and Toys E-commerce Show in China

          More participation of the top e-commerce brands would be one of the highlights of IBTE Guangzhou 2022. Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao, Pin Duo Duo, Amazon, 1688, eBay, Wish, Alibaba.com, Aliexpress, Shopee, Lazada, Hugo and many other leading e-commerce platforms would showcase on site.


        • Specific Showcases Meet the New Trends of Baby Products and Toy Market

          In 2022, IBTE would set up more specific showcases and concurrent activities to assist all the relevant parties in the maternity and toy industries according to the new market trends and requirements.


        Various Activities Assist the Pan Maternal and Infant industry to“Exploring the New Future”

        In conjunction with IBTE 2022, A Top-Level Industry Summit with 4 parallel sub-sessions would be held with more than 1000 delegates to attend. Moreover, at the Ceremony of the "IBTE Award", the organizers would display the shortlisted "Innovative Products" and the "Best-Selling Products" to encourage the independent research and development of the baby products and toys industries.


        VIP Buyer Matchmaking

        For the “VIP Buyer Matchmaking”,the organizers plan to invite more than 100 VIP buyers from the large-scale dealers/agents, infant and child chains, large-scale integrated/vertical/cross-border e-commerce companies, hypermarkets, department stores/shopping centers, mother and child KOL, boutique collection stores and other large buyers and high-quality suppliers in China and abroad to participate. Exhibitors would have the chance to meet Tiktok, Dangdang, Jingdong, 1688, Tmall, Taobao, SPELT, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Alibaba.com, Aliexpress, Shopee, Lazada, Hugo, Dangdang, Beibei, NetEase, Koala, Huarun OLE, Wuming, Bu Bee Lotus, Daxiang, Tianhong etc.



        Catagories and Product Range

        Catagories & Product Range

        Mum and Baby

        - Strollers and Accessories

        - Carriers Systems, Safety Products & Accessories

        - Children's Car Seats

        - Health, Care and Bathing Products

        - Ride-on Products

        - Children's Furniture & Home Decor

        - Baby Feeding and Nursery Products

        - Infant and Child's Nutrition and Snacks


        Toy and Fun

        - Stuffed Toys and Dolls

        - Electronic Toys

        - Hobby and Model Construction

        - Non-Electronic Plastic Toys

        - Outdoor Sporting Items

        - Wooden Toys

        - Indoor and Outdoor Playground and Facilities


         Baby Fashion

        - Maternity Clothing, Underwear and Accessories

        - Baby, Child and Teenager Closhing, Footwear and Accessories

         Preschool Education & IP

        - Toys for Education

        - Curriculum Materials & PIcture Books

        - Kindergarten Management

        - Kindergarten Supplies

        - IP Licensing 

        Booth Application

        Book Your Booth at IBTE 2022 Today & Enjoy the Early Bird Discount! 



        International Baby Products and Toys Expo (Guangzhou) 2022 | Copyright © 20038985 all Rights Reserved

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